Lefkatis Andreas

Andreas Lefkatis

Software & DevOps Engineer

- MComp Computer Science
- MSc Mobile Application Design

Name:Andreas Lefkatis LinkedIn:Andreas Lefkatis Twitter:@lefkatis
I am a Greek Cypriot Software Developer passionate about Web, DevOps and Mobile Application Engineering. Graduated from the University of Sheffield with an MComp Computer Science degree and University of Kent with an MSc Mobile Application Design degree.
My interests lie in how cloud based infrastructures and mobile devices could revolutionise ubiquitous computing and today's tech world.


Sep 2014 - Sep 2015

MSc (Dist) Mobile Application Design

University of Kent


  • Modules: iOS Application Design (iOS SDK – Objective-C), Android Application Design (Android SDK, Java), Mobile Web Development (HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery), HCI for Mobiles, Mobile Application Design Project (with real client), Object Oriented Programming (Java) 
  • Finished 2nd in my course. 
Jun 2010 - Jun 2014

MComp Computer Science – Full

University of Sheffield


  • Fourth Year: Genesys (with Ruby on Rails), Speech Processing, Java E-Commerce (with Java), Content Management Systems (With Drupal), Technology Strategy and Business Planning, Software development for mobile devices (with Objective-C).
  • Third Year: Text Processing (with Python), Computer Security and Forensics, The Intelligent Web (with Java), Research Project  Dissertation with CodeIgniter, PHP), Information Retrieval: Search Engines and Digital Libraries, Professional Issues. 
  • Second Year: Advanced Programming Topics (with Haskell), Automata Logic and Computation, BioInspired Computing and Robotics, Human Centered Systems Design (with Java), Data Driven Computing (with Matlab), Software Hut (with PHP) 
  • First Year: Software Engineering Crossover Project (with Java), Foundations of Computer Science, Java Programming, Web and Internet  technology (with PHP), Machines and Intelligence (with Java), Devices and Networks. 
Sep 2006 - Jun 2009

Latsia Lyceum

Nicosia, Cyprus


  • Core Modules: Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Greek
    Grade: 19.3 / 20  

Work Experience

Sep 2019 - present

Hellenic Bank

Software & DevOps Engineer


  • Working on developing the bank’s new mobile application and new website for online banking at Channels and Digital Products Department
  • Part of the Cloud Transformation of the bank in charge of DevOps.
  • As a newly created department I was in charge of creating CI/CD processes, branching strategy, Kubernetes (AKS), log aggregation, APM monitoring, UI automation, repository management, etc.
  • Working with: Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, Java, Spring, Android SDK, iOS SDK, Helm, Azure DevOps, Artifact repository, Cloud Security Software, APM, Log Aggregators, Code Analysis Software.

Mar 2017 - Sep 2019

NCR Corporation

Software & DevOps Engineer


  • Worked on both the Engineering Department and the Professional Services department developing a variety of solutions for global wide clients.
  • Part of the Engineering Team developing NCR’s most popular ATM management system called Vision along with its mobile application Pulse.
  • Part of the General Health System (GESY) team developing the new healthcare system for the Republic of Cyprus.
  • I was also in charge of Developer Operations (DevOps).
  • Worked with: Java, Spring, Angular, Android SDK, iOS SDK, UI Testing, Unit Testing, Jenkins, Docker.

Apr 2016 - Jan 2017

Cocoon Creations

Mobile Application Developer


  • Cocoon Creations, an award winning digital agency, creating bespoke mobile applications for the global market.
    I was working on several iOS and Android apps. I often was the lead developer of the projects, being in direct contact with the clients.
  • Worked with: iOS SDK, Android SDK, Django, Heroku
Jan 2017 - Sep 2017

Landing Jobs – Contractor

Applications Curator (Contractor)


  • Aside from my full time job as a Software Engineer, I was an application curator at Landing Jobs, in charge of reviewing technology oriented job applications, specialised in Mobile Application Developing.
Jul 2015 - Apr 2016

Leto Lab LTD

Mobile Application Developer


  • Leto is a digital agency in London, UK creating digital products for several clients including the British Museum, the National Lottery and Printt (formerly AIWIP). I was one of the Software Developers implementing innovative digital products for the company’s clients needs.
  • Worked with: iOS SDK, Android SDK, Unit Testing, UI Testing, Beacons, Django, Amazon Web Services  
Jan 2015 - Feb 2015

Bionic Electronics H.T.

Web Developer - Contractor


  • I was assigned to implement an interactive and dynamic table to present the available mobile monthly plans of the company called “RED” plans.
  • Worked with: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
Jul 2014 - Sep 2014

Funifi – Internship

Mobile Application Developer


  • I was part of the iOS developer team working towards completing an iOS app called “FunifiDo”.
    The app’s purpose is to change the child-parent task communication with an easy, fun and intuitive interface.

Worked with: Objective-C, XCode, iOS SDK, Mixpanel

Sep 2013 - Jul 2014

Genesys Solutions

Software Engineer


  • I was working towards building an automatic assessment system for English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) of the University of Sheffield.
  • Worked with: Ruby on Rails, Agile Development, HAML, CSS, Bootstrap, Unit Testing, Jenkins CI
Jul 2011, Jul 2012, Jul 2013

NCR Corporation – Internships

Software Developer


  • Software Development project for a Local Bank in Cyprus. I was in charge of Developing screens for Audit and trail along with some other business screens
  • Software Development project for Cyprus government. I was assigned to implement testing and to create the User Manual Documentation
  • Added some additional functionality to company’s Development Framework tool called Metadata
  • Worked with: .Net framework, C#, XSDs, ASP.NET .

Android Applications

Android Applications

News app – EDA news

This app retrieves the news feed of the Engineering and Digital Arts Department of the University of Kent. The application allows the user to check the list of news and see the details of selected news articles.
Worked with: Volley, RESTful Web Service, Crashlytics, Material Design, Responsive Layout, Caching, Internal Storage, RecyclerView, Fragments, Navigation Drawer.

myPersonality app

This app allows the user to complete a set of questions based on psychological tests to calculate his empathy level. Additionally, after the user’s permission the app gathers the user’s Facebook activity and stores it in securely in a database. The data that need to be gathered are:

  • Facebook profile properties (e.g., gender, age, location, number of friends) including the full list of participants’ friend names.
  • Results of two psychological tests: the Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI) to measure individual differences in empathy and the Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure to measure ethnic identity (MEIM).
  • Facebook social interactions data (e.g., frequency of interactions, “likes”, “shares” and “comments”).

Purpose: This app acts as the provider of the necessary data – social media behaviours and personality traits – in order to help an ongoing research study to examine the correlation between a person’s digital traces and his level of empathy.

Worked with:
Server side: NodeJS / ExpressJS, MongoDB, Google Cloud Platform, Facebook API, Docker
Android: Android Studio, SQLite, Facebook SDK, Crashlytics, Google Analytics for Android, Volley, Material Design, CardView, RecyclerView, Fragments, Navigation Drawer.

iOS Applications

iOS Applications

Game app – LefkSnake

A simple and easy to use mobile game application which represents the light cycle game.
Worked with: UIKit, CoreGraphics

Flickr app – LefkFlickr

Explore Flickr images and Flickr tags in various ways.
Worked with: Mapkit, CoreLocation, UIAnimations, UIGestures, Flickr Rest API, Web Services

Twitter app – LefkNews

Since I like to keep my twitter timeline updated with current technology news, this app retrieves my timeline tweets and displays them as a news feed.
Worked with: Twitter Rest API, Web services.

Ophthalmic iPad – Hess Test App

This project involved implementing a fully functioning iPad application in order to digitalise the Hess Screen test process for Haag-Streit UK LTD.

Features include:

  • Storing the patient’s, doctor’s and hospital’s details
  • Recording the patient’s responses on a digital chart
  • Exporting the result into an external file server
  • Transforming the Hess screen into a digital one, by using an Apple TV.

Lite version is available on the App Store.
For the full version contact Haag-Streit UK LTD to get an invitation for the Beta version.
Worked with: CoreGraphics, Web services, Apple TV.

Pills Reminder app

A useful app to remind you to take your medication, explore nearby pharmacies, scan medication’s barcodes and more.
Worked with: MapKit, CoreLocation, SQLite.

Mobile Web App

2015 Apr
Mobile Web App

I am a big NBA fan, thus I have created a NBA web application, optimised for mobile devices, to show the NBA schedule (both regular season and playoff season), the NBA standings and some info for each of the league’s teams.
This site retrieves the required data using the Sports Data trial API.
Worked with: PHP, jQuery Mobile, CSS, Google Maps and some additional JS libraries

Also, an iOS and Android app was produced with Cordova. Apps will soon be in the app stores

Web App link: NBA App

Java EE Websites

2014 May
Java EE Websites

Electronic Journal site

This project is made to control the management of a self resourcing electronic journal. The basic functionality of the system is to let the authors upload articles, let the reviewers review them and editors publish them.
Worked with: Java EE, JSP, JSTL, HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, mySQL, Apache Tomcat

Semantic Web project

This project aimed to combine information from Facebook, XMLs, and Wikipedia to generate RDFs using a mapping file (a file that acts as a guideline to the system).
Worked with: Java EE, JSP, JSTL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Facebook Graph API, DBPedia SPARQL endpoint, XML, RDF, Apache Tomcat

Twitter Query site

The website can search for tweets from Twitter using various parameters and store them in a database.
Worked with: Java EE, JSP, JSTL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Twitter API, mySQL, Apache Tomcat

PHP Websites

PHP Websites

University of Sheffield Research Project

This research project aimed to allow Strainsonics Ltd, a civil engineering company to control the health of their structures through a web application. Measurement data are uploaded into a database and presented as graphs and table formatted reports for the civil engineers to monitor and analyse. Research was also conducted on areas like Data Acquisition and Data Representation.
Worked with: PHP framework CodeIgniter, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS Google Maps API.

Software Hut Project

This project involved working with a real client towards completing a dynamic website. I was working with a developer team of 4 people thus I was able to take multiple roles such as team leader, designer tester, and developer.

Worked with: PHP framework CodeIgniter, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

English Language Teaching Centre – Technical English Assessment

During my time at Genesys Solutions I was part of a developer team in charge of implementing an Automatic Assessment System for English Language Teaching Centre of the University of Sheffield. The system should allow students to take the test, save all the data of the test, automatically mark the test and produce relevant reports for the teachers, the students and their departments.

Worked with: Ruby on Rails, Agile Development, HAML, CSS, Bootstrap, Unit Testing, Jenkins CI

Content Management System Websites

Content Management System Websites

Electronics Store website

The website is implemented for an electronic store. Its able to store users, stock items and announcements of the store. It also allows admin to update the content of the site with web forms so as the store owners could manage the content and keep the site up to date.
Worked with: Drupal, HTML, CSS

My personal website

I have developed my own website (
Worked with: WordPress, Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP


Haskell Program

2012 May
Haskell Program

Dominos Game

The program written in Haskell, allows the user to play the dominos game against a smart computer player.