Hellenic Bank


  • Working on developing the bank’s new mobile application and new website for online banking at Channels and Digital Products Department
  • Part of the Cloud Transformation of the bank in charge of DevOps.
  • As a newly created department I was in charge of creating CI/CD processes, branching strategy, Kubernetes (AKS), log aggregation, APM monitoring, UI automation, repository management, etc.
  • Working with: Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, Java, Spring, Android SDK, iOS SDK, Helm, Azure DevOps, Artifact repository, Cloud Security Software, APM, Log Aggregators, Code Analysis Software.

Work Experience


Landing Jobs – Contractor


  • Aside from my full time job as a Software Engineer, I was an application curator at Landing Jobs, in charge of reviewing technology oriented job applications, specialised in Mobile Application Developing.
Work Experience


NCR Corporation


  • Worked on both the Engineering Department and the Professional Services department developing a variety of solutions for global wide clients.
  • Part of the Engineering Team developing NCR’s most popular ATM management system called Vision along with its mobile application Pulse.
  • Part of the General Health System (GESY) team developing the new healthcare system for the Republic of Cyprus.
  • I was also in charge of Developer Operations (DevOps).
  • Worked with: Java, Spring, Angular, Android SDK, iOS SDK, UI Testing, Unit Testing, Jenkins, Docker.

Work Experience


Cocoon Creations


  • Cocoon Creations, an award winning digital agency, creating bespoke mobile applications for the global market.
    I was working on several iOS and Android apps. I often was the lead developer of the projects, being in direct contact with the clients.
  • Worked with: iOS SDK, Android SDK, Django, Heroku
Work Experience


Leto Lab LTD


  • Leto is a digital agency in London, UK creating digital products for several clients including the British Museum, the National Lottery and Printt (formerly AIWIP). I was one of the Software Developers implementing innovative digital products for the company’s clients needs.
  • Worked with: iOS SDK, Android SDK, Unit Testing, UI Testing, Beacons, Django, Amazon Web Services  
Work Experience


Bionic Electronics H.T.


  • I was assigned to implement an interactive and dynamic table to present the available mobile monthly plans of the company called “RED” plans.
  • Worked with: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
Work Experience


Genesys Solutions


  • I was working towards building an automatic assessment system for English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) of the University of Sheffield.
  • Worked with: Ruby on Rails, Agile Development, HAML, CSS, Bootstrap, Unit Testing, Jenkins CI
Work Experience


Funifi – Internship


  • I was part of the iOS developer team working towards completing an iOS app called “FunifiDo”.
    The app’s purpose is to change the child-parent task communication with an easy, fun and intuitive interface.

Worked with: Objective-C, XCode, iOS SDK, Mixpanel

Work Experience


NCR Corporation – Internships


  • Software Development project for a Local Bank in Cyprus. I was in charge of Developing screens for Audit and trail along with some other business screens
  • Software Development project for Cyprus government. I was assigned to implement testing and to create the User Manual Documentation
  • Added some additional functionality to company’s Development Framework tool called Metadata
  • Worked with: .Net framework, C#, XSDs, ASP.NET .
Work Experience