Android Applications

Android Applications

News app – EDA news

This app retrieves the news feed of the Engineering and Digital Arts Department of the University of Kent. The application allows the user to check the list of news and see the details of selected news articles.
Worked with: Volley, RESTful Web Service, Crashlytics, Material Design, Responsive Layout, Caching, Internal Storage, RecyclerView, Fragments, Navigation Drawer.

myPersonality app

This app allows the user to complete a set of questions based on psychological tests to calculate his empathy level. Additionally, after the user’s permission the app gathers the user’s Facebook activity and stores it in securely in a database. The data that need to be gathered are:

  • Facebook profile properties (e.g., gender, age, location, number of friends) including the full list of participants’ friend names.
  • Results of two psychological tests: the Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI) to measure individual differences in empathy and the Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure to measure ethnic identity (MEIM).
  • Facebook social interactions data (e.g., frequency of interactions, “likes”, “shares” and “comments”).

Purpose: This app acts as the provider of the necessary data – social media behaviours and personality traits – in order to help an ongoing research study to examine the correlation between a person’s digital traces and his level of empathy.

Worked with:
Server side: NodeJS / ExpressJS, MongoDB, Google Cloud Platform, Facebook API, Docker
Android: Android Studio, SQLite, Facebook SDK, Crashlytics, Google Analytics for Android, Volley, Material Design, CardView, RecyclerView, Fragments, Navigation Drawer.