iOS Applications

iOS Applications

Game app – LefkSnake

A simple and easy to use mobile game application which represents the light cycle game.
Worked with: UIKit, CoreGraphics

Flickr app – LefkFlickr

Explore Flickr images and Flickr tags in various ways.
Worked with: Mapkit, CoreLocation, UIAnimations, UIGestures, Flickr Rest API, Web Services

Twitter app – LefkNews

Since I like to keep my twitter timeline updated with current technology news, this app retrieves my timeline tweets and displays them as a news feed.
Worked with: Twitter Rest API, Web services.

Ophthalmic iPad – Hess Test App

This project involved implementing a fully functioning iPad application in order to digitalise the Hess Screen test process for Haag-Streit UK LTD.

Features include:

  • Storing the patient’s, doctor’s and hospital’s details
  • Recording the patient’s responses on a digital chart
  • Exporting the result into an external file server
  • Transforming the Hess screen into a digital one, by using an Apple TV.

Lite version is available on the App Store.
For the full version contact Haag-Streit UK LTD to get an invitation for the Beta version.
Worked with: CoreGraphics, Web services, Apple TV.

Pills Reminder app

A useful app to remind you to take your medication, explore nearby pharmacies, scan medication’s barcodes and more.
Worked with: MapKit, CoreLocation, SQLite.